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Modern Art

- A collection of intriguing paintings from the world of modern art - 


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Challenging the notion that art must realistically depict the world, some artists experiment with an abstract form of art which is characterised by bold strokes, abstract forms and expressive use of colours. Modern Art is one such of abstract art form where in the artist defies the conventional method of paintings and create an art piece with their own imagination letting people to decipher the the actual essence behind it. As an online art gallery in Delhi we believe that the magical feature of modern art paintings is that each person can form have their own view on what the painting depicts. Modern art paintings are extremely symbolic in nature giving full freedom to the artist to depict a scene or a character in a way which is totally defined by him or her. You can buy Modern Art paintings online in India from our wide range displayed in our gallery. Each piece of art in our collection is vivid, expressive, expansive and symbolic of a person, feeling, or even a city. 

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