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Different Themes of Paintings for Homes & Offices

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A wall painting is more than just an art work. It's a piece of art that can give a completely new look to your decor. They are often barren walls left in our houses and offices making us wonder what can be done to pep it up. Wall paintings is the answer to the question. As an art gallery in Delhi we totally believe that there can be a painting for any and every space. Whether its a bedroom, drawing room, passage, an office cabin or a reception area paintings are one art work that can be used anywhere to spice up the decor and kill the boredom. There are many themes that you can choose from according to your liking or the space where you want to place the painting. As an online art gallery we have curated a list of themes that you can consider :

1. European or Victorian Art

European art is existent from the time of neo-classical and renaissance era. These painting are ostentatious, they are immensely expressive, they showcase Humanism. Humanism was the main feature of European paintings which focussed on capture real situations, the men and ladies, the individual figure. These paintings are apt for your formal drawing room, passage area, corridors at your home. You can buy european paintings online from a lot of art galleries.

2. Modern Art Paintings

Modern art is a distinctive art form. It's expressive in it's own way. It indicates freedom of thoughts - away from the bondages of what we call stereotypical. The beauty of modern art paintings is that the ideology behind the theme in the painting is subject to both the artists and the spectator. They both can have a different opinions about the same art form which means every time you see modern art you have a new perspective and you will never get bored. According to interior designers in Delhi these paintings are apt for your office cabins or reception area. There a lot of art galleries that sell modern art paintings online.

3. Traditional Paintings

It would be unfair if we forget our own Traditional Indian Art amidst the Victorian and contemporary art forms. India has an extremely rich culture and heritage which has been depicted by the artists very strongly through their canvas and expressive brush strokes. Indian culture is symbolic of colours, heritage, history, warmth, family and relationships which makes Indian paintings so much more inviting. One can buy traditional Indian paintings online through a lot of online art galleries.

4. God & Goddess

This is one theme which you can never go wrong with. It's pure reflection of faith, symbol of peace. They can be placed in the temple, above the fireplace mantel, in the bedroom - anywhere that you will like. You can have Ganesha, Radha krishna, Ram Sita, Buddha Paintings and much more.

5. Lady and Figurative

Expressive, beautiful, individualistic, full of emotions is what we as collectors of art will describe this genre of paintings. Lady and figurative paintings radiate nothing else but pure warmth striking a connection, a cord with the spectator. They are mesmerising its in own ways.

6. Birds and Animals Paintings

These innocent souls can talk to you without speaking even a single word. Birds convey joy, happiness and animal paintings like dog paintings, owls paintings, hens, horses etc are symbolic of attachment, unconditional love, care and loyalty. They are apt for your kids room or bedroom. There are a number of art galleries in Delhi where you can buy bird and animal paintings online.

7. Dance and Music Paintings

Music is soul connecting and dance is a mesmerising art form. They are performing arts in its own which makes them a favourite topic for the artists to capture. It's beautiful to see how one artists captures another art form. Ballet dancer paintings, indian musical instruments, classical dancers are some of the paintings that can surely get a place in your drawing room. Next time you feel like buying a soothing paintings go you should buy dance and music paintings online.

8. Nature and Landscape Paintings

How can we ignore mesmerising beauty of such paintings who capture enthralling nature and landscape contours on canvas. One look at them and you are completely in awe of the beauty that bountiful of greenery, blossoming flowers and landscaped terrains. Nature and landscape paintings are something that can placed anywhere in your home or office without giving much of contemplation.

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